Do you fancy those huge, good-looking and Insta-worthy FREAK SHAKES?

Are you craving for those freaky shakes in Jaipur?

If yes, then don’t worry, because we have got the top places in Jaipur serving the best freak shakes covered for you.

1. Patissez (C-Scheme)

Patissez is a heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth. They are famous for their FREAK SHAKES and DOUGHIES.

You will get a different variety of freak shakes at Patissez, like Heartella (topped with little hearts, which will surely send you on a nostalgic childhood trip), Mint Condition, etc.

I love the fact that they also serve “Mini Freak Shakes”, because usually after having a freak shake, one gets full and loses the appetite to eat or try anything else, but if you order a “Mini Freak’, you can indulge in their other sinful desserts too.

Price of the freak shakes range between Rs.149 – Rs.350.

2. Nibs (Multiple outlets – Gopalbari, C-Scheme, Raja Park, Malviya Nagar)

Nibs was one of the oldest places in Jaipur that started serving Freak Shakes, or as they call them “Maniac Shakes

They serve only 4 types of Freak shakes – Slutty Brownie, The Red Wedding, Nutty Nutella and Black Mamba, but each one of them is prepared with perfection and all of them are priced at Rs.259.

My favourite freak shake at NIBS is the NUTTY NUTELLA. It comes loaded with whipped cream, toasted nuts, milk chocolate and of course, lots and lots of NUTELLA!

3.The Eclectica (Sodala)

The Eclectica has one of the biggest menus in Jaipur, especially for mock tails and shakes.

Being one of a kind pure vegetarian family café-restaurant, they serve really freaky freak shakes.

From brownies to red velvet to Oreos, you’ll find a decent variety to choose from.

My favourites from The Eclectica – Monster Nutella and Our Brown Slut.

Price ranges from Rs.245 to Rs.265.

4.Holywood (Tonk Road)

Holywood is primarily a drinking place, but there is always that one person in the group who does not drink alcohol. Well, good news for all the non-alcoholics visiting Holywood, you are in for a delicious treat.

With delicious food, Holywood serves amazing freak shakes, all of which are priced at Rs.300.

They are serving a total of six freak shakes, out of which NUTTY NUTELLA is my favourite. I am sure their other freak shakes are delicious as well, but I cannot help it, I just have a thing for Nutella!

Their ETHIOPIAN CAFFEINE FREAK SHAKE sounds good as well, which is going to be the order at my next visit.

5.Ice Cream Factory & Shahi Durbar (Vaishali Nagar)

Ice Cream Factory & Shahi Durbar is your one-stop destination for any kind of dessert.

To tempt you, they have also put some ready-made freak shakes and bubble waffles for presentation.

They have 9 varieties of FREAK SHAKES to choose from, all of which look extremely tempting.

I tried their OREO COOKIE FUDGE FREAK SHAKE, which was a perfect combination of Oreos, chocolate chips, chocolate and whipped cream.

All of their signature freak shakes are priced at Rs.260 each.


Hope these places will satisfy the FREAK in you!

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